Huge Future is a new online platform focussing on social activities which are bringing people together. Huge Future enables people to discover and share projects in the community within any field, including the arts, music, sports and education.

The central goal of Huge Future is to put social activities within the reach of everyone.

The Platform

You’re here! – hugefuture.org
Huge Future is accessible on most devices, including phones and tablets.

The Mapping Project

A key feature of the platform is the Mapping Project. The Mapping Project enables people to discover and share social activities which are available to participate in within the community. The Mapping Project puts the power of discovering and sharing social activities into the hands of the communities it aspires to serve.

Huge Future’s Goals

  • To put activities within the reach of everyone
  • To reduce barriers to participation
  • To inspire new participants, volunteers and staff
  • To raise public awareness of community projects
  • To maintain a free and accessible platform to all

Project Requirements

Projects on Huge Future:

  • Bring people together
  • Are open to all


Huge Future is founded by Mark Shenton.

Mark is a photographer and Registered Mental Health Nurse based in Sheffield, UK. Mark has a background in website development, photography and film based community projects. – mark@hugefuture.org

Through Mark’s work within community projects, he saw the transformative power that meaningful socially-based activity could bring. On becoming a nurse within rehabilitation and recovery, Mark found that the people he was working with often did not know and struggled to find out what was available to them in their local area. Whilst thinking about this problem and the challenges projects face in promoting themselves, the idea for Huge Future was born.


Huge Future would like to thank everyone who has been in any way involved in the project so far. Everyone who has offered their time, contributed projects to the Mapping Project, or just sat down with a cup of coffee to see how things are going.

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